Tour Circuits:


Western Secrets

A Hodgepodge of Hidden Gems

On Route 7 between Phonsavanh and LuangPrabang, XiengKhouang’s western leg of “The Northern Heritage Route” opens the door to a secret wartime tunnel, jars, and ancient Buddhist sites Nong Tang Town on a quiet lake and near caves.

Sneak into the Secret Tunnel

Scale more than 1,000 steps up the PhuKeng Jar Quarry Site to a hidden mountain passageway drilled through it’s rocky summit that played a strategic role for Lao revolutionary forces during the Vietnam-American War.

Songhak’s Sacred Jars

Treat yourself to a 42km drive northwest of Phonsavanh to Ban Songhak Village on the Nam Ngum River and a recently opened jar site surrounded by the remnants of war.

After crossing the river, stop at the Jar Site 25 information kiosk to get your bearings before strolling to the jars and the Pathet Lao trenches dug near the main group.

Location: From Phonsavanh, travel west on Route 7 for about 23km to PhouKoud Town. Turn right at the main intersection and travel north for about 12 km, where a sign points left to Ban Songhak and the jar site.