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Kham hot springs

Northern Heritage Trail

Northern Heritage: Nature, Culture, & War

Route 7 north of Phonsavanh turns into a string of tourism pearls as it approaches the Kham District center. Historic wartime caves and craters, hot springs, a jar site, Tai Dam weaving communities, a waterfall, and war scrap architecture are all inside a 25km radius of Kham Town and within 70 km of Phonsavanh.




Catastophic Coffin Cave Tham Piu Cave

The ThamPiu (Piu Cave) area is like a movie that evokes a wide range of feelings: sadness, curiosity, introspection, resignation, and hope.

Though accounts of the fateful day when a missile from an American jet found its target—ThamPiu—differ, one fact goes undisputed: the explosion killed hundreds of innocent villagers. Today, a statue of a man, straining to hold his anger as he carries the body of a lifeless child, presents a solemn monument to those who died, and calls for an “Annual Day of Remembrance” for the 24 November 1968 massacre.

Before the ascent, go to the visitor centre and contemplate the display showing the history behind the bombings.