Tour Circuits:


Historic Khoun Circuit

The Phuan Kingdom’s Rise and Fall

About 1,500 years after the jars started popping up around XiengKhouang, the Tai Phuan Began migrating to the highland plains in today’s northeastern Laos from southern China. According to the “MuangPhuan Chronicles”, the group established a small kingdom, MuangPhuan, in the 13th century, in the 13th century with its capital at present day Khoun Town, just 36 km southeast of Phonsavanh on paved Route 1D.



Buddha & Bombs

Among the devastating effects of war, the destruction of centuries-old revered structures comes second to needless deaths as the most catastrophic, and Khoun District experienced it’s share of both.

Once an area teeming with glorious Buddhist sites and sprinkled with French colonial structures, Khoun District lost most of its physical past during a 10-year U.S. air assault. However, some of the cherished remains still hold their ground, as they have for hundreds of years. Take your time and explore these sites, all close to Khoun Town.